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Professionally designed motocross graphics, sled wraps, UTV wraps, vehicle wraps, apparel, logos and more.

Installation Instructions



Make sure to inspect your graphic kit before installing and contact us immediately if you see any manufacturing defects. As you get ready for your install, remember this is intended to be a guide. We are not liable if you make a mistake or damage your graphics installing them. If you have any issues or concerns, just give us a call.  Now, let’s get you Fokus’d!


We recommend you have the following:

·         application squeegee

·         heat gun or blow dryer

·         X-ACTO knife

·         sub 90% isopropyl alcohol (for cleaning and prep)

The most important step in the installation of your new graphics is to make sure you have a clean space to work in and a clean surface to work on (ex: your plastics). No matter if you have something old or something new, thoroughly wipe down the surfaces you will be applying your graphics to with a sub 90% isopropyl alcohol and clean rag. Let it dry completely before you begin the install. And while you’re at it, clean those hands up too.

Make it easier on yourself and your new graphics by installing them in 65-80 degree room temperature. If that’s not a possibility, no problem! Just make sure you have a heat gun or blow dryer handy.


There’s no need to remove the plastics from your unit to install, just make sure you have a clean surface and you can apply the graphics directly to the unit. However, if you prefer, you can remove the really comes down to personal preference.

Begin by holding up your graphics to the surface you are starting with to try to get them lined up as close as possible to the desired position for installing. This way, you have a better idea of where they will need to fold. Now it’s time to peel and stick.

If you don’t have a squeegee for this process, simply use your thumb. Pull the backing paper halfway off the graphic, line up any cutouts, and begin applying even pressure from the middle of the graphic outward, working your way back and forth until you reach the outside edge of the graphic. Now, simply repeat these steps on the other half of the graphic you are working with.

Remember to take it slow! Applying the graphics too quickly can increase your chances of bubbling and creasing. Once the entire graphic is applied to the surface, go back over the graphic with forceful, even pressure beginning in the middle and working your way out towards the edges of the graphic.

Keep in mind our graphics are designed to fit, but sometimes they may require a little trimming; this is done deliberately to ensure you have a flawless look. Simply use an X-ACTO knife to trim away any areas where you may have overhang.

Once your graphics are installed and trimmed out, apply a small amount of heat across the entire kit, specifically on any creases or edges. This will aid in a better bond of your graphics to the surface. Give those edges extra attention by running over them one last time with some good ol’ fashioned pressure from your thumb or squeegee. BE CAREFUL TO NOT OVERHEAT YOUR GRAPHICS. Remember, this is a small amount of heat. If you have any bubbles left that you can’t get out, simply use a pin needle to poke the outside edges of the bubble and apply pressure to help push the air out.

We recommend that you do not wash or ride your machine for at least 48 hours after installing your graphics to allow them to fully and properly bond to the plastics/surfaces.